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Name:Jack Bauer
Birthdate:Feb 18, 1966

"I have killed two people since midnight, I haven't slept in over 24 hours. So maybe…maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are right now."

— Jack Bauer


Bio: Jack Bauer was born February 18, 1966 in Santa Monica, California to Phillip Bauer and an unnamed mother. He has a younger brother named Graem. He wasn't close to his father or brother, but he did find a closeness with a man named Sam who was his father's butler and chief servant. Jack was a bit of a free spirit in High School enjoing riding motorcycles and surfing. Jack's family expected him to become a leader in BXJ Technologies, his father's company, but he chose his own course, which caused him to become estranged from Phillip and Graem.

Jack instead joined the Army and rose to the rank of Captain. He was a member of the Special Forces Operational Detachment "Delta Force". He was also able to attend the University of California, Berkeley where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Criminology and Law. Jack also has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles. He worked for the LAPD on it's Special Weapons and Tactics team after attending basic SWAT school. He had found his place in law enforcement. Jack was good at what he did and during his time in the military went on many classified missions, as well as worked as a Case Officer - Clandestine Services for the CIA.

Before Day 1

- Jack comes into contact with Christopher Henderson, director of the newly-opening Counter Terrorist Unit.
- Henderson tries to recruit Jack to CTU but Jack is reluctant as he prefers the overseas missions of the CIA.
- Teri, Jack's wife, tried to convince him to take the job at CTU so he would be in Los Angeles more often.
- Jack arrived back at CTU and the team tried to discover what was the target of the plastic explosives. They discovered that a space shuttle was landing at Edwards Air Force Base, and assumed that that was the target.
- Jack said that he would pursue Andre Farrigan, the supplier of the explosives. He went undercover, pretending to be interested in buying some explosives from Farrigan, when in actuality he put a tap on his phone and found out who he was calling.
- However, he was unable to continue pursuing the lead as he was introduced to Don Biehn, who knew about the threat and would only help the authorities if they helped him to get back at some priests who molested his son. Jack agreed to do so, and learnt of Abdul al-Hassan.
- Jack went to the final priest's rectory, but was attacked and Biehn was killed. Jack cleaned up the mess with the CIA but Chappelle demanded that Jack sort out the mess he had created in terms of the explosives.
- They discovered that a group of bikers also had some explosives, and so Jack infiltrated himself within the group, then neutralized their threat. Jack briefly was able to go home, but before long was called back by Jamey Farrell who discovered more C-4 was missing from the stock. They realized the attack would be on the Pope's Unity Conference after some was found in the arm of a Catholic fundamentalist priest, Sam Collins.
- Jack, along with Harry Driscoll and Mossad agent Dan Bender, once again managed to neutralize the threat, but they went to St. Monica's Cathedral just to make sure the Pope was safe. They stopped a final threat on the Pope's life, at the expense of Driscoll and Bender's lives.
- Jack finally agrees to join CTU.
- Jack's first day at CTU Los Angeles as Special Agent in Charge, his first mission was to protect the recently-defected IRA member Moira O'Neal from attack by her former associates.
- Four agents died when Tim McGinnis' crew of hitmen attacked the safe house in Arizona where O'Neal was being held. Jack manages to escape to safety with O'Neal.
- Jack later kills McGinnis' group before they can get to her.
- Jack builds a case against three federal agents (including Seth Campbell and Christopher Henderson) who were accepting bribes, and had them arrested and charged.
- After turning in the guilty agents, only his closest associates would trust him.
- Jack becomes Special Agent in Charge of CTU, the consequences of his blowing the whistle on the three agents were still being felt.
- Jack was integral in taking down many corrupt CTU agents.
- After one such case Jack became distant and withdrawn, leading him to separate from Teri six months during which Jack had an affair with Nina Myers.
- Jack moved back in with Teri and Kim and the couple began working to repair their marriage. Kim remained very resentful towards her mother even after Jack moved back in.

Day 1

- Kim sneaks out a little after midnight, before they could locate her Jack was called into work.
- after he arrived at CTU, he learned that there was a possible assassination attempt on Senator David Palmer (a Presidential candidate). As the Special Agent in Charge of CTU, Jack was put in charge of the investigation.
- He also learned from Richard Walsh that there is a mole inside CTU.
- the only people Jack felt he could trust were Nina Myers and Jamey Farrell.
- Jack eventually learned that his daughter was kidnapped and Ira Gaines began to blackmail him. If Jack didn't follow Gaines' orders, Gaines would kill Kim.
- Jack switched a keycard, that had information on the Palmer hit, he was forced to help Jonathan Matijevich assassinate Palmer.
- Jack was able to create a diversion and save Palmer's life.
- Jack was arrested by the FBI, but he was able to escape.
- Teri is also kidnapped and Jack was able to get in touch with her.
- With help from Nina and Tony Almeida, Jack successfully rescued his family.
- Jack is taken into custody for the attempted assassination of Senator Palmer.
- When Jack met with Palmer, they realized that the sons of Victor Drazen were getting revenge for their father's death (Jack had lead the team that killed him, while Palmer had authorized the mission).
- With help from Palmer, Jack was reinstated at CTU.
- Jack was lead to a detention facility and discovered that Drazen himself was still alive.
- With help from Mark DeSalvo, Jack transported Drazen, but Andre Drazen had the power shut down at the facility.
Jack is taken hostage and the Drazens offer to trade Jack for Alexis Drazen, who was in CTU custody.
- Palmer pressures George Mason he goes forward with the trade.
- After stopping a second attempt on Palmer's life, Jack went to meet with the Drazens, as they recaptured his daughter.
- Jack got a call from Nina (who is now revealed to be a traitor) who falsely told him Kim was dead.
- Jack killed Victor and Andre in cold blood and when he realized Nina lied to him, he sent proof to Mason that revealed that it was Nina who murdered Jamey and she was arrested.
- Teri was shot and killed by Nina moments before her capture.
- Jack discovers this too late, arriving only in time to see Teri's lifeless body; he cradled her, saying, "I'm sorry, so sorry."
- Though Jack committed several felonies during the events of Day 1, nobody sought to prosecute him for them due to the special circumstances.
- After testifying to the House Sub-Committee on the events of Day 1, Jack stepped down as the Special Agent in Charge of CTU Los Angeles, and George Mason replaced him.
- Due to the death of his wife Teri and the betrayal of Nina, Jack isolated himself from the world. He tried to stay in contact with his daughter Kim, but she felt being around Jack would remind her of the emotional pain of her mother's death. After Teri's funeral, Jack stopped talking to his father, brother, and sister-in-law.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8


Jack Bauer, 24, and Kiefer Sutherland do not belong to me. Both Jack and myself are well passed the age of 18. Seeing as this is 24 and has dealt with terrorism, kidnap, and torture amongst other things please be warned of possible triggering topics within. Profile gif from thehassasin on tumblr.
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